Friday, 10 March 2017

Things you should never do if you're me

1. Eat Pineapple   

Causes severe anphalaxic shock 

2. Look at my son's Facebook page

Causes severe heartbreak 

3. Buy anything expensive 

Causes financial crisis (and it usually turns out to be a big mistake - like the painting I bought from Rolf Harris) 

4. Diet

Causes me to gain weight

5. Care about the world/politics/animal cruelty/homelessness/poverty

Causes frustration and tears, because however I try to help it's never enough.

6. Live in a small house

Causes avalanches of books/foodstuffs/clothes/china


Causes a feeling of uselessness

8. Be lazy

Causes a downward spiral into lethagy

9. Run a marathon

Causes a shock, because of my rheumatiod arthritus, I can hardly walk! 
I dream I can run sometimes

10. Blog when fed up

Causes a drop off in readers

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