Friday, 20 April 2018

Been a while.

After a very busy week going here there and everywhere I at last found time to sit and work on my new book. It's based on one of the ladies in my Women in the Civil War book, and using her adventures as the plot.

I find that proof reading is the hardest part, yes it will be proof read again after me, but I want it to be as good as it can get, I also want to get the dates right and troop movements right for the "bolt counters" who read history books.

I went to bed late last night trying to work out what to do for a holiday this year. All I really want to do is go back and live in Cornwall. I wouldn't need holidays then.

There's something about walking along a Cornish beach early in the morning before anyone else is around, the salt smell in the air, the fresh breeze whipping your hair. Seagulls screeching in the blue sky.

We went to Lyme Regis and it was very cold but very sunny, we needed a break to get out of the snow and rain of the Oxfordshire countryside.
It was lovely, Lyme is one of my favourite places, it still has a character all of it's own. 
 Love to see the gulls dancing in the wind and screaming for their food!

Found out this week that the deafness in my ear is not cureable. The ear drum has healed but the nerve that sends signals to the brain is broken. Oh well, at least my other ear is fairly ok.  So on I go write write write.... got to get this book to an agent who showed interest. Almost finished, nearly there.

Have a good weekend everybody whatever you do.

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