Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Moving Experience

So we are moving again, this time to a pretty Oxfordshire village to a wreck of a 1960s house we will do up.
A lovely avocado bathroom, a kitchen which would look amazing in "Call the Midwife" a blank patch of grass that is the garden and no heating. The challenge is exciting, a blank canvas, we'll pull all the innards out and start again.

Sadly our castle has never materialised so we will have to sell some of our antique furniture and move ever so slightly into the modern world. I would love to live in a  huge17th century honey coloured Cotswold stone house with stone lintels and a big open fireplace with fire dogs.  A huge garden for my pets to roam and explore and the thing I want most of all at the moment a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles puppy.

But the 60s house has potential it's in a village we know well, the road seems quiet and there are views of the Church steeple and thatched cottages in the same street. It will be cosy (i.e. small) and we weren't looking to downsize but in Oxfordshire a small house is all we could afford. Having paid over £12K in rental a year to live in a house where when you mention to the landlady that such and such needs doing she smiles and says - "Oh thanks for telling us - we'll get that done when you move out." She is a lovely lady and does get urgent things done like the heating boiler which burnt out last week in minus temperatures. Whereas in your own house you just do it. When I rented my Cornish house I kept on top of the repairs because it can get expensive if you leave them and it's not fair on your tenants.

So I am now writing my book, getting a job,buying a house, speaking engagements, dieting, working at the manor, making 17c Clothes and doing websites, I am getting a bit tired, especially in the cold. For someone who doesn't have a full time job I have never been so busy.

But I can't wait to have my own house again and we will not have to deal with other people's decoration and bad plumbing, corny as it sounds it really will be a moving experience for me.

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