Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cabin Fever

I have been working at home now since the Manor closed for conservation 4 months and I need to get out.
We have been snowed in, flooded in, fogged in, and today it's overcast and in minus numbers AGAIN.

I have written and re-written chapters of my book - phoned a friend, tweeted, blogged, e.mailed, cleared out at least 3 years of ancient  (2000) business accounts by shredding them and bought a garden incinerator to burn the shreds. There's more to do.

We've taken 4 boxes of videos to the dump, and there's still, my dear husband tells me eight boxes of finances to shred and burn - looking at all the work we did over the years and the surprising amount of money that passed through our hands during that time - made we wonder why we aren't millionaires by now!

We're not!

We surfed credit cards and changed banks for best rates and one of the letters we kept was from the HSBC saying that my husband was 42p overdrawn and that they had transferred 27p from his savings account to try and help re-dress the balance and could he come to the bank and discuss how he was going to pay the remaining  15p.   We peed ourselves laughing! This all happened because he changed his account to another bank - but considering the multi millions the HSBC handle and what has been happening recently in the banking world it seemed really funny.

Old BBC payslips showed I was on megabucks at one time and I spent it on private education for my son
and my mortgage after that there was not much left for me - so I lived on Mars bars and Twixes for lunch
and when he left public education - then we had money!  We used to go shopping for designer clothes,out to restaurants, I worked weird shifts at Television Centre so got shift allowance as well.

Aah those were the days!  Valued at work, exciting stuff to do, loads of friends and rellies always busy with fun stuff, my son being my best friend, all I needed was the perfect man in my life.

Now I have the perfect man - I have lost most of everything else - but life changes and you have to learn to deal with it, and after a period of grieving for the loss of my family and my job, I think apart from the need to get out, everything is finally getting back on track.

So I am off to meet my lovely hubbie for lunch in Oxford, I have blogged and tweeted and e.mailed - time to get into the real world for an hour or so.  Yeah!!

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