Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Back again after 2 years!

Well, this is me, and my new book, in all my Sealed Knot glory. This is a quick update of what I've been doing.

 I have had a weird couple of years, last year I was ill for most of it, and despite having never been abroad was treated as if I had E.bola - that was scary. It took me months to recover just to become allergic to almost everything!

Despite that, this year we went and paid our respects to Richard III in Leicester, became Steam Punks held my darling husband's 50th in Hednas 1940s nightclub. Went to Tregenna Castle in St Ives in Cornwall, and Lyme Regis, Dorset, also Falmouth twice, and Dartmouth in Devon. I have researched my book, saw 17th century clothes at Claydon House, worked at Waddesdon Manor, have written four murder mysteries The Hilary Long Mysteries on Kindle. The latest is this one:

I'm going to bed now but it's nice to be back!  OK I am just promoting myself but what blogger isn't?
I guess that quite a few aren't.

I'll write about my latest project tomorrow,

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