Sunday, 13 December 2015

Women of the Civil War - Now Available on Amazon!

Well, it's been a long old trek, but my Women of the English Civil War is now in paperback and available from Amazon in about three days time.

I have read and re-read the proof version and made corrections,my husband Andy had adjusted the photographs and the formatting, and it has finally been approved!
I orginally wanted the photos in colour and we are currently trying to find a way to do this without the book being too expensive.
The problem is that I wanted a portrait of the woman I was writing about (where one existed) at the start of her chapter so that you could see and identify with the person I was talking about.

Apparently this has never been done before - which puzzled me.

I have seen many recipe books with a full colour photo of the food on the same page, so that you can see what your recipe should look like. I thought that this idea could be transferred for use in my history book.   Apparently this is quite difficult - so we are still working on getting a colour version out.

Never a patient person, while waiting for the book to be published I wrote a Ghost Story for Halloween.  Another in the Hilary Long series and a couple of short stories for inclusion  in the Hilary Long Mysteries compilation.

There is never enough hours in the day.  It has taken five months to work out why I couldn't post a blog on blogger - now hopefully - that's sorted.  I can get on with blogging!

Christmas is on the horizon just 22 days to go - so much to do - so better get on!

Happy Christmas everybody!

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