Thursday, 7 April 2016

Other peoples blogs

I have been reading other peoples blogs to see what they write and who they write about.

I write my blog as writing practice, to let off steam about things I feel strongly about, and to  promote my books.  I try to engage my readers, give them something to think about, and treat them as friends.

One of the best blogs I have read recently was called "Death Sandwich anyone?" written on the Anaphaxsis UK site. A young woman really hit on the head how difficult it is to live with multiple allergies and how she coped with everyday life.  She pointed out that even going to a nightclub was scary. She had to ask the bouncers who searched her bag if they had eaten peanuts because the dust could send her into shock.  At Uni a boy asked her up to his room for lunch and had made peanut butter sandwiches not knowing her well enough to know about her allergies.  On a plane to her holidays, her mother snatched a bag of peanuts from a man sitting next to the girl before he could open them, and virtually started a fight with the man who "didn't care" because allergies were not real.

Then you have the vacuous "look at me I'm so pretty" sites, of young women highly made up, usually with their arms above their heads. Which I think must signal some sort of sexual availability, as they all do it. They all look the same, and their writing, if you can call it that, is all about make up and skinnyness. They make me wonder why I bothered with feminisim and fought so hard to break the glass ceilings that women were held behind.

I read Robin Ellis's blog whom I vaguely knew from my BBC days. He writes of his books, the things that bother him, his cats, his wife, his life in France. Thats the nearest blog I've found to mine. 

I've still got my cold by the way, but hopefully it's on the way out now, sneezing lots so the cold thinks it's spreading it's germs ready to move on!  Heres a picture of my cat keeping me company in bed today.


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