Thursday, 21 April 2016

Victoria Wood

So this morning I mourn a woman whom I have never met, but loved. We grew up together in the BBC. Victoria in front of the camera and me behind it.

Had her son about the same time as mine, she divorced about the same time as I did.
Worked to be recognised in her field as I did in mine.

Was always reliable for a laugh, and treated her audiences as friends. I can't believe that she's really gone. It's unfair.

In all the years I worked for the Beeb, I never once saw her - not even in the BBC canteen,
though I know she must have used it. Because she  did a very funny sketch of a TV presenter rushing to the front of the queue, (which they always did), and taking the last doughnut. Which in the sketch Victoria snatched back and licked!

It made everyone in the camera crews laugh, because these people rushing to be first in the canteen queue past us, because  "we're on set !!" didn't seem to realise they then had to wait for us to come and film them!

Victoria must have seen the irony in this and the way self-important people acted and turned it into fun with an edge. Much appreciated.

Victoria once said on one of her shows she would have loved to have been every woman in the world, and through her life and her sketches she was. "Dinnerladies" was a triumph, "Housewife 49" showed her true acting skills. Comic Relief took her to the ends of the Earth.
What will we do without you?

Well, what I'm going to do, is try and lighten up a bit, and live life. I've been so busy with my books and agents and promoting I've forgotten how good life can be, so Victoria I will try and have more fun in honour of you.

With much love my dear and rest in peace in that big Green Room in the sky.

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