Friday, 28 October 2016

The Veronica Scanner

Yesterday we went to Waddesdon where I work to take part in an amazing experiment - the Veronica Scanner. We were both 3D Scanned to then be printed out as a head and shoulders, we won't get our results for a few days so I can't post them up - but take a look at this.
This is Andy sitting in the scanner before it's closed up, around the egg are hundreds of cameras that in 5 seconds will capture a 3D image of him.

This is me inside the scanner with all the flashes going off. It was really bright, but strangely
didn't affect my sight at all - it wasn't like looking in a bright light.

This is the 3D printer printing a face the scanner had taken earlier.

This is a 3D print out of a young girl's head - you can even see her braces!
As Andy works in this area making people for computer games he was discussing possibilities with one of the coders.
Just to show you there is nothing new under the sun, here is a Victorian 3D Scanner!
 This one is even earlier from Albrect Durer around 1508. How amazing is that?

Lastly a real use for this technology - a chocolate head of a guy called Ruben!
 Someone had tested this as chocolate by scraping a bit off his cheek with their nail!

Is it technology or is it art?  You decide - I personally think it's both - have a good weekend everyone.


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