Friday, 18 November 2016

PHEW! Been so busy.

Yesterday another Movember Bake!  This time - the Cheesy Scones - again by request. Old  fashioned flatcakes, with raisins and cinnamon and nutmeg. Cappucino Coffee cakes with squidgy chocolate centres.  

So far we have raised £100!! Brilliant! When I think of the men I know who NEVER if they can help it, go to the doctors until it is almost too late - raising awareness by the Movember Charity is worth the cash.

Selfishly, it gives me a chance to practice my baking, although yesterday when the kitchen was sky high with every used bowl, knife plate, cutters, rolling pins, I wasn't so enthusiastic!
I would cook loads more if some-one else did the washing up!

Why is it that all my equipment is handwash only? The dishwasher was sitting empty!

Waddesdon on Wednesday was manic, we had over a thousand visitors through the doors.
Went home exhausted, after standing in the cold for 4 hours I needed a hot cup of tea and a snuggle on the sofa with my cats.  Lots of the Gingerbread men and ladies were being eaten by the visitors!  See below:

 These are part of the Chlidren's Trail and are on the Xmas trees the children spot them, tell a House Host and we give them a sticker for their folder. However some of the children and
their parents have other ideas. So the strong man, the policeman, champagne Charlie and
the Queen have become amputees.  When asked why they are doing this the answer usually is "to see if they are real."  Perhaps we should go about biting the visitors to see if they are real!!

Anyway a list of chores awaits - so have a lovely weekend everybody.

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