Tuesday, 6 December 2016

It's not all that bad I suppose....

Apparently I am the victim of identity fraud.

I wouldn't have found this out if the car hadn't needed replacing.

But the car doesn't need to be replaced immediately, the gears are back in and working.

Luckily because it was in the garage, they found it had a faulty fuel line - so that's now repaired and I should get more MPG.

Both cats are still alive. Ted has taken to re-arranging my cushions - i.e. dragging them into the hall.

My rant at Agetur (builders) seems to have galvanised them into actually repairing our road properly in one day and not taking a week (as they had threatened) to do!

I had a rather lovely coffee in a cute coffee house with my friend Sue today. Her house was being vandalised - sorry - repaired by non existant plumbers. They came they took everything apart, and were supposed to come back and fix. No they didn't.

So we sat in a window in a quaint little town drinking expensive coffee (Sue paid as it was my birthday treat) and we wouldn't have done this if her house was isn't in bits and had heating.
I'm trying desperately to get some rest - hrmmm - how does that go again?

Basically I'm not going out and doing stuff this afternoon.
That was good because I had a delivery of a cream Poinsettia for my birthday from my dear friend Linda.

I am very lucky my friends.

So it may be frustrating but it's not all that bad!

Next time I'll pop up some pictures of Ludlow Castle and my Christmas Decs.


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