Thursday, 15 December 2016

Some more photos for December

Busy as usual, all sorts going on, the dramas periodically broken by nice things like having my birthday/Christmas party at Hednas Night club at Cleo Laine's place The Stables - kind of appropriate for Christmas.
 Emma, Morwenna and me, I've gone Veronica Lake this time as putting in the the victory rolls made me swear a lot!

 Mini Harry DJ'ng the 78RPMS
 Tom singing a George Formby song to make up laugh
 Natasha (Joe's daughter) and Joe not a Spiv for once
 Dreamy moment listening to White Christmas
 Edna and Harry without whom Hedna's Nightclub would not exist
Getting us ready for the Conga!  Da da da da da da da, Da da da da da da daaa!!
In the back of this photo my cheeky monkey of a husband has his arms round 3 young ladies due to lack of male dance partners!

All in all a brilliant 1940s party though two people got a bit mixed up and came as a couple of kinky sailors in thigh length boots and sailor suits!


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