Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Writing again... ChipLit Festival 2017

Looked at the events for the ChipLit Festival, so much going on I feel overwhelmed.  I have written and been published in various media since the age of 14. 

Credits include

Jackie Teen Magazine,Woman, Ariel, Guardian, Independent, BBC History magazine, BBC Cornish Website, Orders of the Daye (Sealed Knot In House magazine). My articles on living with extreme allergies have been used in NHS publications, and one as a teaching medium for the NHS.

Novels/Novellas  My first a Cornish love story called Jago.

When I was seriously ill a couple of years ago now and bedridden, I thought I was going to die. So I wrote The Women of the English Civil War. I had collected and researched for years on my adventures with the Sealed Knot. Now was the time to get written and published.
The sales ranking as shown took me into the best sellers for History. Even outselling Alison Plowden at one point.
Then along came Hilary Long, who took over my life in a totally new direction, with her adventures and her new life in the little Cotswold village of Overdown (based loosely on Tetbury).
Ending for the moment in a bloodbath that affects Hilary herself.  But the call of Overdown is strong, and the residents want me to go back and write more about them. This time it will be a love story with a few twists and turns and perhaps a happy ending. Who knows where these people will lead me?

At the moment I'm working on 1955 a book requested by an agent. Perhaps this will be THE ONE - who knows?  My husband is an artist by profession, making the people for what he calls morally bankrupt computer games. He generated the face of Evie for me. It's very rare that what you imagine is what you get.  But this is Evie Withers as I live and breathe.
To see how he did it - http://andyevans-art.blogspot.co.uk/

As for ChipLit, I'll go. I'll be totally jealous that people I've never heard of have their first novel, in hardback and a best seller. (Usually related to a famous parent!) I guess I'll just keep plugging away, semi anonymous,( my father was a design engineer and my mother was a tailoress). My grandfather, however, on my father's side was a bookbinder by trade and had a shop in Shoreditch.

I had more fame when I was a Rostrum Camerawoman for the BBC. I got tons of credits and pay for my work, even a BAFTA!  Can't look back - got to look forward - hopefully someone will read my Hilary Longs and think: Wow!  this would make a brilliant mini series, it's darker than Agatha Raisin, spookier than Father Brown and has some incredibly funny moments.

Work calls....speak soon.

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