Thursday, 2 February 2017

Well Okay then.....

Writing new novel titled 1955. 

Getting lost in the plot as the characters go off in their own directions and I'm running trying to catch up.  They take me down blind alleys and try and trap me into corners.

Entered a couple of writing competitions to try and fund a very expensive "meet the Agent" seminar in London.

Ages ago, Susan Jeffers said in her book "Feel the Fear and do it Anyway":-

I'm paraphrasing here.

There are times when you feel that you are doing it all wrong, and you feel that the risks you are taking are not going to work, and the fear kicks in.  That's  when you KNOW you are absolutely doing the right thing, so "Feel the Fear and do it Anyway".

Her book kept me going through many difficult days. I had the priviledge of seeing her speak in person at a Women's Conference, held by the BBC at Broadcasting House, many years ago.  She has passed on now, but her sister continues her legacy.

I'd like to leave some sort of legacy.  I don't know what.

Hopefully my characters will lead this book into being the most successful of all.  I write fiction when I really want to write real history. Not historical fiction - that however well written - makes me cringe.

But writing follows fads and the 40s and 50s nostalgia are the way to go apparently.

Boris Johnson's dad Stanley, proudly announced he's going to win the Man Booker Prize this year for a fiction book on Brexit as it's going to be that good!

As for me, I shall keep plugging away, a tiny light in the darkness, waiting for the flame to glow brighter.


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