Thursday, 1 June 2017

Back Again!

I've managed to get my worn out old laptop going again by sticking a pen in the hole where the on button used to be and working it round like a skeleton key. Seems to work. I've been looking for a new computer but haven't seen one that has all the stuff this one has at the right price. Oh well, at least I'm back again!

What have I been doing?  Well at the Bank Holiday we went to Charlton Park with the Sealed Knot, it was torrential rain, about a thousand Knotters turned up and the only audience seemed to consist of Knottter's families and friends and around 200 members of the public.

So we did what we do best, carousing.  The beer tent had a metal band (no - not robots!) and the medievals provided well priced beer for our sustinance. Hubby made a historical joke to one of them in Stanleys Regiment - said he was surprised they weren't waiting on the sidelines for something to happen!  (You need to know War of the Roses history to find that funny) but the chappie laughed.

A friend said it was like the beer tents of old, certainly was, couldn't hear the band for the chatter, couldn't hear the chatter for the band. All good. Friends old and new chatted, put the world to rights, mainly over caravan maintenance and WW2 aircraft. Ladies conversations turned to children, grandchildren, Balls at Bath and old memories, all very Jane Austen.

Through the torrents of sweeping rain came the cheerful tune of an ice cream van playing "Popeye the Sailor Man" - this guy was obviously expecting a different kind of Bank Holiday Monday. 

Yesterday back at Waddesdon Manor, one of only nine House Hosts who turned up! Most of the rooms were roped off and some closed completely. The house was full of children on half term holidays with their parents,grandparents,aunties and uncles. It was hot and sunny outside, but humid and clammy inside the Manor, so they put the heating on to take the moisture out of the air. It was an exhausting "please don't touch" kind of day. Fragile antiques and poking fingers don't really go together.

Got home, aching and exhausted, eating my tea I felt a weirdness in my mouth and went to see what it was. A bright white bicusped of wisdom tooth had broken through my gum!  Why now? I never needed them before!! (Both of my wisdom teeth on the lower jaw have never come through before - sometimes they had threatened to in my twenties - but then changed their minds!).

So I went to bed exhausted and I have to say, despite new wisdom tooth, none the wiser.

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