Monday, 22 May 2017

Same old same old.....

I am sitting typing by the window to my garden which is shut, because two doors up Tony who bought the bungalow on the end of this row is having more work done. It always seems to be drilling into concrete somehow. The woman next door is sandblasting her paving stones and mowing what little grass she has left, across the road foundations are being put in for an extension to the bungalow opposite. For a sleepy little village in the Cotswolds there is always lots of noise, someone is always building something!

Last week though, in Cornwall, was quiet. I could hear birds singing, horses neighing, and the rustle of trees.
Just around the corner from our campsite was St Michaels Mount, resplendant under blue skies sitting in pale soft sands. The gulls reeled overhead and boats sailed past quietly.
We visited the art gallery in Sennen Cove and walked along the sandy beach. Again just the rush of the sea turning pebbles over onto the beach and breakers hitting the rocks.

It seems the seaside is quieter than a tiny village in Oxfordshire which is desperately trying to "come up."  We only planned to stay here a couple of years, do the place up and leave, but illness, Brexit, and other unexpected events forced us to stay.

I don't hate it.  Here's my garden in early spring:-
 I just want to be able to sit in my garden without earplugs - that would be nice - but even nicer would be to live in Cornwall again. I didn't realise how much I missed it, knew it, loved it, and needed to be back on really familiar ground again.
I started life in London, then moved to Hertfordshire, then Buckinghamshire, then Northamptonshire, and now Oxfordshire. But Cornwall is home to me, there's no logic to it I know, but I have a pull inside me when I'm away from it that no other place has given me.
If we could sell up here I'd go back tomorrow. It's a real place, for example Cornishmen call a dwarf a dwarf - they even have dwarf Olympics!  And the people who take part are proud to do it!  The Cornish don't change their past or their ways to suit the times, they are and always will be awkward sods, and I can't wait to go back!

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