Monday, 31 July 2017


Made about 2 kilos of plum jam, plum crumble, plum ice cream sauce, and have frozen loads to make sugar plums at Christmas.  Life has been better and not just because of the multitunenous plums.
Garlic has been abundant, strawberries, blueberries are nearly there - pears and apples growing on apace. Sage, Chives, rosemary, fennel, oranges and grapes are all waiting for us.  Our little garden is almost a totally edible experience. Apart from the grass yes - but that's for the goats!!  We also use the roses,lavendar, nastursiums, curry plant, and the Bay leaves growing next to the sage.  We have Aloe Veras by the score. Our freezer is full of cooked recipes from 1625 to 1940s to present date.

We have decided to move away - somewhere where we can grow and sell stuff- we seem to be good at it.  I will still write & hubby still has to work, but we will look and see what we can find.  It's given me a kind of peace knowing we're ready to move on.

We'll pot up as many plants as we can and take with us. I couldn't bear the thought of some-one chopping my lovely kitchen garden to bits to cover with cement - like the guy at the end house did with the little orchard in his garden - or the people next door who prefer paving to plants.

We'll take the blackberries, the rhubarb, the edible sunflowers and everything we can pack, after all, we brought them all here.

So I'm starting to look, peace and quiet to write, a big kitchen so I can cook, room for two cats and a dog and perhaps some chickens, and our garden.  Who knows might even find a derilict castle!!


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