Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The best laid plans of Mice and Men and Margarets.....

Well it's been a time since I posted. 
I have had a serious bacterial illness that left me unable to function and has left me deaf.
Came on like a strange headache, I was in the garden when it started to sway round me and I thought I was going to faint.

I nipped round the corner to the Doctors who luckily was in and had an emergency appointment, he looked me over and told me it was a one off. Probably tiredness.

The next day I was in excruiating pain all over my body and couldn't move, hubby took me to see Dr Edwards, a jolly hockeysticks kind of woman, skinny, fit, tanned, big white teeth and a mane like a horse.
"EEEhhh " she laughed, "Ear infection, it'll burn itself out you have blisters on your eardrum."
Later that night, the pain increased and I was crying in agony, it felt like a burning hot knife was being pushed into my ears, we rang 111 the emergency online doctor and they got us an appointment with the walk in centre at 11pm.

While we were waiting to see the Doctor, I heard loud popping in my ears as if someone was popping balloons or shooting a gun.  Bang bang bang so loud my dear hubby could hear it sitting next to me.

Then my ears bled and seeped yellow goo. God it hurt, it really really hurt.

 When it was our turn to go in, we saw a lovely Carribean woman doctor with pretty dreads and a lovely caring attitude, she took swabs from my ears and told me to ring my doctor and they could give me the appropriate anti-biotic as it was a bacterical infection.

The following day I couldn't stand up, I felt the room swirling around me, everything went dark. I was by now completely deaf, I sat down and felt like I was falling into a pit. I needed air so hubby took me into the back garden and I sat on a chair and screamed in agony and panic.

We visited a Doctor or emergency room every day for a week and nothing was stabilising, we had lots of advice that didn't work - Dr Edwards refused to get the swabs back for us as she thought there was no point, so the locum doctor did and I have a specific infection that can be cleared up by the antibiotic and I was also given anti dizzy tablets.

Dr Edwards told me not to take the antibiotics.

Now it's what three weeks later, I am deaf as a post, feeling bit better, can read, write my blog, do about ten mins of Facebook before I feel queasy - I'll know if I will hear again in another two weeks or so apparently.

Winston Graham wrote in one of his novels, "one day you can be fit, strong, planning for the future, and the next gone."   

I'm not gone yet, I'm still fighting.

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