Monday, 11 September 2017

My books!

Haven't sold a single book in August - but what can you expect ?  It was a really bad month in many ways for me.

Going private to try and sort my hearing out - just hope it doesn't include having an operation. Had blood tests today as I have been coming up in mysterious bruises on my arm. Possibly a re-action to the anti dizzy pills.

So onwards and upwards - massive Edgehill Sealed Knot in two weeks time - so getting ready for that. It's the first time it's a major and it's because it's the 350th anniversary of the battle.  It's only five minutes away from our caravan storage. Taking place at Compton Verney.  

Been looking for houses as well, nothing affordable unfortunately and nothing large or pretty to rent either.

I must get out of this house before something else happens to me. I'm losing myself here.

I 'll miss the garden but not the noisey neighbours who always seem to be drilling, sawing and hammering and smoking horrible cigarettes in their garden so nasty and pungent that it sticks to my laundry when I hang it out.  I have had to stop doing that.

So what do I want?

1) To be well.  Completely - something I haven't had since I was 33.
2) To move to a bigger house with nice neighbours where we can be happy.
3) To have enough money to live on 
4) To write more books and get them published.
5) For my pets to be well and happy - this includes my husband!
6) A holiday

Not so much in the great run of things really. Just to have what I used to have before I moved to Oxfordshire.

Oh well time to stop cribbing about stuff and get on with making it happen.


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