Thursday, 12 October 2017

Another one of those days!

I am supposedly resting.  Woke up feeling better than yesterday when I couldn't actually move. Not like me. I never usually stay in bed till twelve get up eat yoghurt for lunch and go to sleep on the sofa.

So today is apparently better. I have filled in an American Tax form which is a bit of a mission, tidied and cleaned the house, still feel weird, but I put it down to my new tablets.
After dear hubby went back to work today, the man up the road started playing his new drum kit.  He's been doing that all day, and I really can't tell if he's getting better or worse.

The TV aerial packed up, so I went digital, the Now TV box has also packed up. Channel 5 online on the computer only has yesterday's programmes.

I have a headache and toothache that feels like I'm chewing silver paper - a reaction to my new tablets. I bought ingredients to try a new Mary Berry recipe - then lost it somewhere.

I spent yesterday asleep and in the evening we washed our 17th Century pottery that we had not touched from the Sealed Knot Event two weeks ago at Edgehill. It was well sticky, and washing up is not much of a hobby!   I found the jar of blood I'd made and guess 
what ?  It had clotted like the real thing.

Red fruit tea, plum jam and a teaspoon of cocoa powder if you'd care to know - my own invention - and it looked great.  So that, clots and all was poured down the kitchen sink.

Strange thing tho' unpacking the herb lady stuff stressed me out, as if it was a physical reminder of that TIA and the hours spent in Warwick assessment unit wearing 17th Century costume.

I still find myself saying hippopotamus in times of stress - the Doctor told me if I could say it everything was okay.

I hope to be able to drive again in two weeks time after a visit to the hospital for a review.
hippopotamus hippopotamus hippopotamus.  OK I suppose.

So back to tonight - cooking jacket potatoes bacon and mushrooms - simple and filling. I hopefully will find the Mary Berry comfort food recipe tomorrow.

Friday the 13th - it MUST be my lucky day as all the other days of this year haven't been.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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