Monday, 16 October 2017

Mistaken Identity

This is a picture of our new cat Molly, 9 months old.

This is a picture of Amber, 9 years old and now deceased about 8 weeks ago...
Very similar, we did this on purpose, as we hoped it would help Amber's brother Ted
see below - confuse him a bit - stop him grieving so much and waiting by the hedge for him to come back.

 We thought he was playing in the overgrown garden next door, but he wasn't. We found out at the weekend what he was actually doing when one of the neighbours came and accused Molly (sitting in our front window) of eating their cat's food.  Poor Amber was trying to stop the pain in his stomach by "eating out" thinking the pain was caused by hunger.  So all our careful measuring of his special food was in vain.

We explained that Molly was a different cat, younger and female, and did not go out yet. 
I don't think the neighbour was entirely convinced.  

Poor little Molly, she's at last become friends with Ted, see below, and he has a level of toleration of her which was better than we expected.
 Cat politics eh? 


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