Thursday, 17 May 2018


May weddings seem all the rage and not just dear old Harry and Meghan!  Been invited to my friends' second wedding, and I have not a single thought what to wear. I asked her and she said "Posh".

What is posh to me may not be posh to anyone else. Port Out Starboard Home - is the real definition of posh - 1930s cruising acronym.

17th Century Banqueting gear mayhap?

1940s spotted red dress with red hair net and rose?

20th Century Flowery frock with big hat?

I have a big hat that I have worn only once it's black with sugar pink feathers, the last time I wore it was ten years ago. Probably eaten by the mice in the attic by now

Ooooh...  I have a 18th Century Gainsborough hat,  I have a 1920s cloche hat, I have a leopard skin hat that goes with my 1930s stuff.

I think that's the trouble with living in the past as the re-enactor, you spend so much money
on clothes that don't belong to this century - the 21st!

How far can I go back?  Uummm I have a Wilma Flintstone outfit if that's any help!

Well me and my holy toe (hole in my toe - took me a bit of courage to look at today, but it's ok!) will have to hit the shops and see if I can re-enact being part of the 21st Century.

I honestly thought that by this time the 2000s I'd have my own Jet Pack and a little weekend getaway on the moon, and be wearing silver one piece suits. Bit disappointed but hey, onwards and upwards.

Speak soon have a totes amazeballs weekend all.

Do you think it's the painkillers?  Urm perhaps too many? Never mind I'm happy!


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