Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Sealed Knot at Bristol

What a fantastic weekend that Hopton's Regiment put on for us.  The thunderstorms and lightning stopped to give us a roasting hot day.  See: 

From Living History where I had my Goodwyfe tent where I demonstrated plaisters, bandages, medicines and my musket ball remover, the view of the battlefield was fantastic.

The Royalist Armies marched through the encampment to attack the enemies on the field. It was as it would have been. The camp would have been there to service the troops and provide all the necessaries of life on the road. They would have also had the pay for the troops, letters to armies planning troop movements looked after by the baggage guards.
 This is me and my casualty tent being guarded by the cannon. I'm trying out my new firepit, it worked really well.
This is my regiment The Kings Guard with an amazing musket volley at the enemy.
There were over 2000 Knotters on the field this weekend, it was amazing to watch, but in real life there probably would have been over 200 horse - not 12 - and 4000 combatants on each side.
As they marched off past us my dear husband Andy who was part of the baggage guard,and myself were given the general salute from our regiment and friends in other regiments, I had never felt so loved up!

The visitors were interested in our tent  full of herbs and medicines and Andy demonstrated how to fire a musket, and I demonstrated how to get a musket ball out of the body with my new musket ball remover.

Back at camp, absolutely exhausted, we went to the beer tent, but I could only manage an hour before I was nearly asleep on my feet. So we went back to our caravan and fell asleep to the loud thump thump of heavy metal music and the laughter of our friends round a campfire.

A perfect weekend to cure what ails you.  Certainly did me the world of good.


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