Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas is upon us

This time next month my new snowy tree will be sitting in pride of place in the living room, I will have had at least three well researched chapters of my book, written and under my belt, the presents will be wrapped ready and waiting the turkey will be dressed and ready to cook and best of all we can shut the doors and watch old movies and eat chocolate until we pop!  The cats will have lots of wrapping paper to play in and pounce on and a few mice pressies of their own, and I will rip the wrapping off my presents and pretend I wasn't with my darling hubby when he bought them.

Anything annoying or problematical will be ignored until the new year - fun food festivities films are the order of the day!

This time of year is so dull I wish I could put up the decorations NOW!

Loving working at the Manor the 60ft Christmas trees are stunningly beautiful. The Manor is dressed to impress and we have our Champagne Christmas Party soon.  Thank you God I love this time of year!

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