Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Garlic Arrows

Trying to order Garlic this morning from the Isle of Wight Garlic farm and they have sold out already!
Yet another one of my multitudinous hobbies. Being a typical Saggitarian I shoot my  arrows all over the place and I wonder what it would be like sometimes to be really good at one thing again.

I make 17c clothes, I write,I paint, I draw, I read, I garden, I have rescue cats, I photograph, I design, I cook, not just the latest recipes from Hairy Bikers and Jamie but 17th Century food. I love my museum work and I love re-enacting, I love crafts and home-making, and birds and dogs. I love my husband.

Yesterday on what was supposed to be Blue Monday (the day when people are supposed to be at their lowest ebb and miserable) we both woke up laughing and joking. There was the usual thing about who stole all the bedclothes overnight (it was me.) and my hubby told me about a time at college where he'd gone to a party and was staying over and sharing a kingsize bed with three mates.  When he woke up he was lying star shaped having had a good night's sleep and all his mates were downstairs on the sofas. Apparently in the middle of the night he stood up in the bed starkers with a growl on his face and making fists shouting - "you want some of this? Do you? Do you?" growling and wanting a fight!  So his mates all left.  He was having a dream - and woke up and couldn't remember it.  Funny in itself because he is usually a gentle sort of guy!

So I told him about the time I went to a friends housewarming party and was sleeping in the spare room upstairs in my sleeping bag when - lets face it - I was plastered - I needed to get to the bathroom urgently to throw up, and I couldn't undo my sleeping bag, as I didn't want to throw up in their newly decorated and carpeted empty spare room, so I crawled like a caterpillar in my sleeping bag along the top hallway went to the bathroom threw up crawled back to the spare room the same way and fell asleep again.

See what did I tell you?  What started off about Garlic and being a Saggitarius ended up as something else as is always the way with me now. Grasshopper mind!

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