Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hate it. Makes me feel claustrophobic. For someone with Viking in their DNA I can totally relate to why they left Norway. I always feel the need to get out and do stuff make the most of my time.  Sometimes that means just getting away from the computer and from remembering facts and dates.  I look at the blank whiteness and I feel miserable, my hubby snowboards, but sold his snowboard years ago when we went to Cornwall where it never used to snow - how things have changed. When we lived in Cornwall, the locals not really known for travelling very far from home drove up to Bodmin Moor to see the snow taking children who have never seen it in their lives.

I have been in a car covered by a snowdrift and it was horrible, I have been trapped in my house by 6ft of snow outside it for 3 weeks and by the end of that time I was chewing the wallpaper out of boredom.

I hate living in my current house - no real fire - that was some compensation in Cornwall feeling cosy and hot - but rented houses with magnolia walls no fireplaces don't do it for me.

Well like every Vike before me and as it's Thor's Day I'm going out to explore. I'm going to pull on my boots wear my furry hat (unforunately no horns) and get out of my magnolia box.

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