Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Margaret Cooper-Evans

Having looked at so many Margaret Evans' on the web I'm going to have to change my name to stand out!
I thought about using my previous name Buxton, as I had a fair amount of success with that when I worked in tv but I was born Cooper. All the names in my English family are work names, Cooper, Turner, Smith, all the careers of my 17c forebears borne across the centuries by the work they did.

As a woman any plaudits earned are secondary given to the name of the man you have married. I love taking my husbands' (yes more than one) name I felt it made us family, one, a jointure.  But it was me who did the work, my first husband was quiet, not wanting to be noticed, hiding away from life. My current husband is famous by default, the man who gave a million little boys world-wide the famous Robot Wars title sequence
that marked an exciting night of smash and bash! Now copied by so many other designers for so many other things, he also designed the Who Wants to be a Millionaire, gave life to Mr Bean and Fred Flintstone and Wilma as computer games. Terrorised the gamesworld with Alien vs Predator and Judge Dredd.

Me, I had an altogether quieter famousity (I've just invented a new word, it's allowed I'm an author.)
Writing for magazines and newspapers, the odd tv appearance and they were, one thing I was asked to do and refused was to breast feed my new baby on camera.  No way!  Private! (you have to say that word with the Essex emphasis and wave your hand!)

Appeared on a programme about Barbie as I had and still have one of the original 1968 Bubble Cut Barbies,
appeared in Pepys with Steve Cooghan barging him out of the way in a theatre shot.  Lying dead in a field at Naseby for the History programme.  I also got many camera credits for my camerawork but now I want to be known for my writing.

Wow! I have had a fabulous life since I sat next to a 15 year old Dennis Waterman in a mock prize giving assembly in a film to encourge adoption that was made at my school.   To Famiousity and beyond!

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