Monday, 4 January 2016

Edward the Black Prince.

It's very hard to type with a cat snuggled so tightly into the laptop that I can hardly move. Eddie is very persistent as cats go,also quite bad tempered.  Not as bad as he used to be.
He was abandoned,which is enough to make anyone pissed off. 

Found in a hedge near the vets when he was about 2 weeks old.  I got him when I had taken one of my cats to the vets to get vaccinated, the vet held a tiny black kitten up by the scruff of his neck, who was hissing and spitting.
"Do you want this spitfire or shall I put it down this afternoon?" The vet asked.
So guess what?  We had Edward the Black Prince, to use his Sunday name, back at the house that afternoon and were feeding him milk and soft kitten food with a pipette.

He was so tiny we put him in a big cat carrier with a mini cat tray (lid of ice cream tub filled with litter), a toy mouse to snuggle up to, a nice warm clean towel which we made tinto a kind of tiny bed for him. He was about two inches in length and in between the black fluff there were needle sharp teeth and claws.

We had three cats at the time Rosie, the equivalent of a female gladiator, muscular, beautiful, fast, Sabrina, a grumpy tubby little madam, and Samson, her son, a giant ginger bear type cat of very little brain. Samson used to sit by a mousehole in the dry stone hedge in the garden, with his mouth open, hoping a mouse would jump in.

Strangely to my knowledge this worked twice!

Eddie's favourite game with Samson was to take a running jump at his chest and hang there on Samson's lovely thick fur like a little black alien.  Samson tried to back away from his tiny attacker by walking backwards with Eddie still attached. Getting Eddie off was a feat in itself and we never had enough plasters for our fingers!

So now here he is - leaning on me heavily and snoring- crimping my ability to type with both hands, nine years old and much loved.  He loves my hubby more than me and follows him everywhere, I come a poor second.  If Andy's around, whatever he's doing Eddie insists on helping.

I cut Andy's hair over the holidays and Eddie was fascinated, held his head up for me to do his, so I made snipping noises above his head with the scissors as I stroked his fur and he loved it.

Strange boy!  

Andy's at work today, it's cold, it's raining, the laptop and me are warm - no brainer for a cat
who's a bit cold.

I was going to write about other things, but as usual Eddie has taken centre stage. He's a good escapologist and was only found at the vets after a lot of dramatic shouting "It's a lock down!" when he escaped after going for his check up, which for him included a lot of teeth and claws inserted into a young veterinary nurse.

I waited for what seemed hours, and he was eventually found as a tiny skeleton turned up
in the corner of an X ray for a dog. He was hiding in the X ray machine! 
Well Eddie shove over lad - it's time for a cuppa - yes he likes tea.  Once he smelt me drinking coffee and smacked me with his now almost lion sized paw. He hates coffee.

Nice to write again.  

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