Monday, 30 January 2017

Every Nantwich is different!

That is the only thing they have in common.  This one certainly was for us. We went up to the school and helped with the guard duty. Registering Knotters so that they could go and collect their powder for their muskets and cannons. We started at tenish and finished at twelve, as we were leaving for our break there was a rush of people coming in.

We went back to the hotel for some lunch in our room, sat on the bed, had nice hot tea and a chicken sandwich, a bit of a regroup.

The my phone was ringing - where are you? they asked - you okay?

We fell asleep from one till 4.30, then had something to drink, and fell asleep again. We slept for 28 hours over two and a half days.

The only thing we did do was put some more books into the Nantwich Book Shop. We missed everything, the parade, the battle, the carousing. Spending all our time in the Land of Nod on our huge Hypnos bed!

The following day we went to visit some friends in Cheadle.  Nice visit, we felt happy and lively, until the car broke down and we had to call out Green Flag.  Which was fine, we had a lovely lunch with our friends and when the car was fixed was told to drive home without stopping or it may not start again.

We drove to the garage, got a new battery fixed for us and drove home

Devastation.  The cats had re-arranged the sofa cushions and "killed them" they (the cushions) obviously needed it. They had ripped apart a cocoanut mat in front of the door, pulled a cover off the bed, and the whole place was covered in tufts of fur where they had been having a rare old time doing things they are not allowed to do when we are around!

The feeders had been licked clean - and there was a raid on the catfood cupboard as soon as we walked in (their last feed was a 12 that day, we got in at 4.00pm)  Normally they wouldn't bother me until five, then they would show me how to open the cupboard door
as I'd obviously forgotten since lunchtime! 

We cleared up and hoovered and laundered and went to bed at 8.30 and slept till 6.30am!

Next year will be different again - hopefully more fun - and less sleep.
 Honestly - it wasn't me !!

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