Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I'm supposed to be on holiday - but I never seem able to stop. I found out yesterday that my new book 1955 see below:
 Was listed as 113 in the Amazon Storytellers competition - there is over a thousand entries - but I need to be in the top 100 to be read by the judges.  So I am giving it away FREE for  five days starting Saturday. What takes it up the ratings are reviews.  Please download and review - be truthful - as it helps me become a better writer. But obviously not too harsh as I won't be considered!  Write to me on my authors page if you want!

What do I win?  An Amazon promotion worldwide.  Fingers crossed.

This year I have written three books, entered new stories into prestigious competitions and brought out the Hilary Long Stories in paperback which is in the proof reading stage at the moment.  Here it is:
 Here's the back with some reviews:
Today I'm supposed to be on holiday, but I can't stop working. I've forgotten how to have a holiday. It doesn't help that I hurt, I have a flare up of rheumatoid arthritus due to the trendy new virus that laid low the Queen and Elton John. I'm on my super strong painkillers today
so at least I'm upright!

I have a big world to get out into and I have to get well to do it. I have to put the lap top down.  STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP !!

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