Friday, 5 May 2017


I have time for these poor creatures, many of my friends hate them in their gardens but I don't, I feed them alongside the other birds.

Meet Julius a war decorated hero.
Image result for world war 2 pigeons This is his kit, he flew taking messages with all this stuff to save HUMAN lives.

White pigeons, decorative, kept in dovecotes in Manor Houses, for food, eggs and message carrying, in the 15th, 16th, 17th century. Pigeons kept the poor from starvation.

These poor inoffensive birds bring wonderful restful cooing sounds to my garden, they used to bring tourists to Trafalagar Square in London, but pigeons are no longer there. They have been destroyed.

In the 1970s when I lived in London there was a running joke - Keep London Clean - Eat a Pigeon!

In the North of England Racing and Homing pigeons provide big business and lots of pleasure for people.

Image result for Racing pigeons

So please don't decry the humble pigeon, they have a reason to be here, and without them
some of us wouldn't be.

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