Thursday, 24 August 2017


Starting to feel better at long last.  Not crying now when I speak about my little boy lost.  It's Thursday and it's been a very long week for me.  I am still not completely well but parts of my hearing are starting to return along with shrill whistles and low tone.

It's been a strange year, a year of replacements, my car affectionately known as Ruby gave up the ghost in May and puttered into the garage to be exchanged for a super duper Mitsubushi 4x4 that was a few years old and very swish.  Now known as Hi Ho Silver because of it's colour. Silver has a female voice and it's a shock when your car talks to you!

The caravan was crumbling away after many adventures and repairs, it was exchanged for a brand new one who, with us, had already had many adventures and repairs!  The washing machine started to chew and grind the clothes and spit them out distastefully sopping wet and dirty, so we sourced a new Samsung that sings jolly tunes to me and speaks.

The tumble drier decided it had had enough and was replaced, luckily because of a recall.

Why does every appliance have to speak to you these days?  I know sometimes I talk to the kettle on long days of writing, but my shiny copper kettle says nothing in return.
Although I complain about the chatty utilities, now I'm deaf I miss them!

So I look at the savings account that we both spent ages building up and we have £34 left.


We haven't had a proper holiday just a weekend here and there.  Not just because of money - although the palliative care of my poor Amber came to over £750.

No. I have been ill and can't go out, the last time I did, I caught this baterial infection that dissolved my ear-drums. I hope they grow back properly.

Going to see a rescue cat about a year old with a striking resemblance to Amber, hoping this will help Eddie get over his miseries - and us.  So even replacing my poor little cat.

Money is like the tide, it comes in and goes out, taking flotsam with it, and sometimes bringing in jetsam. Flotsam is what is accidentally lost from a boat and floats, Jetsam comes from jettison - goods thrown overboard to lighten the load - and this can be good stuff .

The Washing Machine is singing telling me it's finished and also to come and empty it
so I must go.  I am pleased I can hear this even if it sounds like it's in the distance!

Today the sun is starting to shine and there is enough blue in the sky to make a sailor a pop sock, so perhaps, just perhaps things are starting to look up.


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