Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year Everybody!

I intend it to be. I've been having a break from all things electronic over the holidays. I wanted to be present in the moment and not have everything filtered through a screen for me.

I felt cold as I heard 17th Century Carols sung in a building of the same age, I wandered through Christmas lights hanging in trees where I work. I felt ill, I felt well, I danced, I had a few drinks.

I wrote, I drew, I laughed, I dressed up, I slobbed out.  I had two whole weeks without twitter, blog, e.mails etc.  I read some old classic books, GK Chesterton, Agatha Christie and I read some new authors that are younger than some of my shoes.

It's said what you concentrate on, you get more of. That was certainly true of the fruit cake and the cheese biscuits and the mince pies and the shortbread I made.  Now all gone, probably to the same place as my waistline.

I met friends, sat and chatted, watched the fire flicker in the woodburner, entertained my new little cat to whom everything was new and exciting.

Appreciated the time with my darling husband, who spent more time asleep than awake!

So now it's back to work, we take the decorations down on the 6th, we have seen in the New Year by first footing and having a Yule log, and chased the old year out of the back door by banging and clattering stuff in the kitchen.

For the first time in ages recovering from New Years Eve took most of the following day, and I guess I wasn't the only person that day wearing a cold headache strip on my head.

So now it begins again, the year rolls round, we all get older, the world more dangerous,
whoever said "The more things change, the more they stay the same" was absolutely right.

Anyway I hope you all have a Happy Prosperous and Wonderful New 2018. It's up to us to try and make it what we want. That's no small order, but if you think how far the world has come in just the last 30 years - remember someone had to think of all these things we use today and make them work!! 

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