Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's been a while!

Yes it has, I sit here leg in splint with kneecap held in place after dislocating it turning over in my sleep on Thursday at 2am.

I was hoping for a different January, one where I went with the Sealed Knot to Nantwich and caroused in the pubs, marched in the street, then visited friends.

Not happening.

One where I was going to Waddesdon Manor to hear about the Christmas debrief.


One where I was going to meet friends for coffee and go out shopping.  


One where I was going to have physio to fix my back and to the hairdresser to fix my hair.


We were going to look at a new house on Saturday - bigger.

Didn't happen.

So start of the year a bit of a non starter. I was really hoping my run of bad luck didn't run into 2018. As I was sitting in the Ambulance on Friday morning all I could think of was that I had one month 28 days of nothing horrible happening.

I spent five and a half hours in A&E waiting to be seen on Friday, two and a half hours in the fracture clinic on Saturday, and I can't walk for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!

So with leg elevated, temper short and on the verge of tears - again. What do I do now?
Hubby has to work on Monday.

That IS going to happen.

I wish I had another child, a girl, girls are good at looking after their Mums, but Verity decided not to come and join us 16 years ago, so I am on my own.  AGAIN.


I will write again when things improve.


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