Monday, 4 June 2018

Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday at 2.15 I had horrible stomach cramps, and I knew then, that I had some form of Norvovirus. Waking to traipse to the loo every half hour during the night was exhausting.

I've been on a Sealed Knot Camp where we were warned to take our own water, and boil any that came from the water bowser. We did just that.

So how did I get it?  I wash all the time, allergies make you do that, so scared of cross contamination. But it could have come from a supermarket trolley, a door handle at the doctors, or people I met at Bristol, anywhere in fact that I had been during the past week.

It's debilitating, can't sleep, can't do anything for very long. The tablets I'm taking to make it stop make me want to sleep all the time.  

The sort of unexpected I'd really like, is to wake up feeling on top of the world, no pain, no earache, no virus's. Just me. A day of just being me like I used to be. Last two years have been intolerable. I just get better from one thing to go down with another.

A couple of times I thought I was actually going to die.

My writing increases during that time as I feel I can't leave a book unfinished. Somehow doing that always gets me through.

So I look exhausted, have lost weight, and have white hair, which I wish friends would stop saying it suits me and that people pay to have it done.

So what's next?  I have no idea, but I hope it's going to be excellent for a change!

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