Wednesday, 4 July 2018

My new book.

Taking quite a bit of work this one. I haven't written historical faction before. I asked a few people to give me a critique.

Afterwards, (picks self off floor sobbing), massive re-write. 
Not a history book -stop trying to teach people history. 
OK I can do that.

Stick to the story. 
Yes I can do that.

Adjust the punctuation.  
I forced myself to do that, but I like my misuse of punctuation. 
It's my style - like constantly splitting infinitives. Ok, I fixed that as well.
Shorter sentences. Yes.

Adjust timeline. Really? do I have to?  Sighs - done it. 

It's looking good. No really it is. Shocked myself.
So here's the cover:-
Take out the real life - like going to the toilet -medical/surgical details - war wounds etc.
No. Not happening.

One women's life during the English Civil War, loosely based on the life of Anne Halkett.

Nearly nearly done!

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