Thursday, 26 July 2012


They're dying out due to strange hornets feasting on them and mites burrowing into them, some people might say good. Not me, if it were wasps, annoying persistant, with a constant sting, then I might say good.  But with the decline in bees there will be a decline in our foodstuffs and I'm not just talking about honey, wheat
(burger buns and bread) hops and barley (beer) grapes and strawberries (chardonnay) and the strawbs that go in it - are you getting the picture?  Everything will go and we will starve - never happen? The importance of bees has been known for years, the furry drones with yellow pollen knees only have one sting in them and that's a last resort, because if they use it they die. So they don't use it if they can help it. (Wasps can sting over and over).   So why have I got this bee in my bonnet?   Because at Waddesdon yesterday a swarm of bees were murdered so that the house could open on time. There was no need for it, they could have got the beekeeper to take them out, he would have put a basket over the swarm, knocked them into it, they get all sleepy and he takes them to a nice new hive where they can swarm in peace. But the ignorant security guard said they were pests and he killed the lot of them, and the house opened in half an hour as usual because that was more important than closing one room for a bit till the beekeeper came.
I thought the National Trust had a duty of care to conservation, they boast on about it a lot, but when it comes down to it they don't give a toss.  I tried several times talking to this guy to persuade him not to do this but apparently it was none of my business and all pests had to be destroyed - I wonder if that applies to him?

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