Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Sourcing pictures for my book has become a pain all the lovely portraits I want to use are owned by Paul Getty or Lord Sai nsbury and they want to charge me for their use, fair enough but
a) I have no money till the book is finished.
b)Aren't they rich enough already that they need an extra £35 from me and a share in the book sales?
c) There is an American Guy with a flickr site that is selling photos that he took while in the Ashmolean
    so isn't that illegal? Why don't they do something about him?
I'm so tired today and don't feel well, this hayfever is really getting me down this year I have a constantly sore throat and have to make a not at all nice gak! gak! noise so I can breathe!
Anyway back to the book.

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