Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Waddesdon again!

Off to Waddesdon, and it's raining again - stair rods here.  Lots on my mind today I keep skiving off when I should be working, it was sunny yesterday and I went out with a friend of mine and we went to an old barn overlooking fantastic lush green rolling hills and had lunch, afterwards we walked round the craft galleries.
I did write the time line for my history book yesterday and had a desperate look for the discs for my second and third novels, they must be in the loft.  Oh well a cup of coffee and off to work in the wonder that is Waddesdon Manor, spectacular doesn't even start to describe it.

We had a medieval weekend last weekend, went to the Tewkesbury medieval fayre. Fantastic day despite the mud, really glad I invested in my cool pirate wellies!  Bought some lovely stuff, a signed print of Knights in the Mist by Graham Turner, spoke to him for a while. A medieval tile whic is now hanging on the wall and some Dragon's blood and some patchouli and sandlewood soap - cost an arm and a leg. The battle was good but in a field far far away due to the flooding so I stayed shopping and photographed the knights on the way back.  Met some friends ate roast animal, had a beer, so all good!

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