Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Writing stuff

Pulled my back yesterday whilst working on the computer - turned round to get something and blam instant pain. Who said writing wasn't a dangerous occupation? Physically dangerous that is, because the pen being mightier than the sword and all that means that people have to go into hiding after some books being written.

My book? No, probably not, though I did steal the characters of people I know and put them into situations with different names and the book sort of wrote itself. The characters take on a life of their own and sometimes even go places you don't want them to - just like your children.  Thanks Jonathan from San Diego for being the inspiration for Jago. I was going to say I have never met a kinder man, but I am now married to one!  Jon gave me confidence when I had none, made me laugh and made me feel beautiful again. I just hope he is really happy in his life because he deserves it. He must be 50 now - scary - met him in the mid 80s when he was 30 and I was few years older and my marriage was on the rocks. About the time when I used to escape down to Cornwall and stay in Mousehole with my son and let the cobalt waters of Mounts Bay soothe my soul.

Strange thing life, no-one spreads their life out like a tablecloth so that everyone can see what's on it. So a lot of my life is a surprise to my friends and family.

But my mother always said don't tell anybody anything about what goes on behind closed doors at home. Everything had to have a respectable front.

I'm writing too much here - my Shaman says it's good to write to get back to your authentic self and love your authentic self.  Don't live in the past. Don't live in the future - live in the moment, but the tapestry of my life weaves into my thoughts every now and again, embarrassing moments that happened long ago still make me shudder, and I want to hold my son in my arms again as a little wriggly boy.

Back to the moment, and it's actually a quite good moment.

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