Thursday, 11 October 2012

Flu Flu Sick Sick Flu

Corny I know but what else can you say when you have a head full of cotton wool and your legs don't work better today though because of bigger doses of painkillers. I looked at the box this morning and thought there's enough perscription drugs here to kill a rising superstar. Anyway spent the morning filling in my new phone book and phoning friends - as I had the phone book handy!!

I'm hoping my legs and brain will work in some co-ordination by the weekend as I have a 40s re-enactment to do.  I am as white as a sheet and even scare myself when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Missed an interview at Oxford that I am annoyed about - but perhaps it wasn't meant to be - and that was fate taking a hand.

So onwards and upwards and possibly outwards as I am living on toast as I can't really be bothered with much else. Oh well time to get on with the few things I can do on the computer like paying bills.

Have you noticed though that if any big companies owe you money they take an age to repay it?

C'est la vie ma amies. Au revoir a demain.

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