Thursday, 25 October 2012

Too clever for my own good

I have just failed an interview because I was too knowledgeable. Do I have to dumb down now?  If I could think of something fluffy and stupid and waste time and money making little pink things that look like hearts would I make money? Probably.  But because my interest is history and sometimes it's not fluffy and pink
no one wants to know.

But History is exciting and relevant, our lives despite the technology are closer to the past than anyone might think. Nothing really changes, people never really learn from history ancient or modern. There are still wars, famine, slaves, debt, fashion, food, whatever life is made of repeats in circles.

I write this blog for me. I started writing it to promote my book, but as no one is reading my blog it's not working.   Sex sells the old 30s ad line said - it's as true today.

I could write pornographic crap like Shades of Gray, but I choose not to, it denegrates women and men.
I want people to discover, be enlightened, have adventures and laugh and learn and add to the world they live in.   Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was not too far from the truth.  In his book children learn about sex from a very early age, no-one grows old, everyone is pretty and sex and entertainment are the same thing.

Their world is run by slaves called Epslion Morons, living below the city, who collect the rubbish and feed the people allowing sex drugs and rock an roll above.  Nothing moves on people are bored, no new discoveries, no new anything. Same old same old.

Time has come to open our eyes to our world, see beauty in the sunsets, discover the new, be it fashion or medicine or knowledge or  adventure.  There is so much for us still to explore and do.  Let's not become jaded by drink and sex, it's ephemeral. (Sorry dumbing down here - translation -It  doesn't last.)

Any museum or old house has items of beauty that still thrill today, pictures, embroidery, statues, pottery,
they will outlast an orgasm any day of the week. Livers will get shot with drink, all bodies decay, but a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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