Thursday, 18 October 2012

Old links

I got to thinking about my life the other night, it seems 3am in the morning is the time to do it, when the rain is drumming on the windows and my husband is gently breathing and fast asleep. I thought about my early life at the Beeb and the friends I had in the eighties and wondered what they were doing now.  We used to have long lunches and take picnics into the fields around the OU and sit and laugh and talk about everything. One of my friends Suzette had a gas mask collection, another Ian, used to come in wearing dungarees and no tee shirt - guys were fitter in the 80s!! There was Mikie who had amazing black curly hair and only ever wore black, Leslie who was after Mikie, never knew if they got it together or not, and me. I never had any money in those days and lived on Mars bars and Twixes. One of my friends from that time Babs, now lives in France and is restoring an old Napoleonic fort.  I guess everyone else is sprinkled across the media like sugar on a cake.

I miss my job, I miss the responsibility of it. I miss meeting famous people. I miss being a female Tekkie.
People I have been in a lift with when I did my meet and greet job with the Beeb were Charlton Heston,
Tony Curtis, Charlie Drake, Frazer Hines, Jonny Ball, Khalid Aziz, Patrick Stewart, Jenny Agutter, Craig Charles, Danny Jon Jules, Richard Burton and his brother!, Sophie Aldred and many many more. My brain is still bunged up with flu germs - just as well or I could go on about this all day!

It's a pity life is transitory because I still haven't got to grips with everything yet. So much more to do.

Anyway I have an interesting parcel that's just arrived - so you have been let off for today!

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