Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Domestic Bliss

I need to get on with proper work, but my mind is blank. Sometimes the words fall out of my head to land on the paper and as my characters react to each other, I watch it like a film.I  just write down what they do and say.   Sometimes I try and control where the action is going, but like free-range avatars or even humans they shoot off in their own directions with me shouting "hang on a minute, wait for me."
Not today, today is a blank. Round the village american army scout helicopters are circling for some reason. Noisy and low, people coming out of their houses to look. Only the village cats running for cover.  In the Radcliffe Hospital a friend of mine is fighting to have the operation she has just had that went wrong corrected.  She's told "I am ending this conversation now." by the Doctor when he realises he's been caught out, and that my friend is very intelligent and taking notes in shorthand.
 The butcher round the corner in the Garden Centre is very jolly surrounded by his animal body parts, I love animals, but I do eat them. I am a carnivore after all.  He asks how the books are going.  The ones I've got on Amazon are selling well I tell him.  He seems pleased. 

Today has been domestic, the bad thing about working from home. The electrician came to fix the shower, sorting out car insurance, mots, doing laundry, phoning friends, it's now ten to five and I have created nothing on paper today apart from this blog.

But at least I've done that.

I'll cook spaghetti bolognese for tea.  I haven't bothered with food today unless you count 
half a tub of ice cream, a quarter for lunch, the rest for tea break with a cup of tea. But I have to feed my husband who I make sure eats like a King, while I eat like a naughty child.
Only eating little bits of stuff that I 
2) Am not allergic to
3) Don't have to cook.

Speak soon. Bye....


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