Thursday, 7 January 2016

No to Humble Pie

For a while now I have eaten humble pie. But no more.

Strangely as a 17th century re-enactor I have actually eaten humble pie made of deer's testicles, it tasted like a toilet stain smell!  The worst of the worst.

I have since I have stuck my head over the parapet been shot at several times. I have a high IQ which is threatening to some. I actually have the same IQ as the Wolowitz character in the Big Bang Theory - and thank you - a programme that makes clever people human.

I visited my friend Della in hospital in the Radcliffe yesterday, while we were talking a young thug about 14 years old was explaining to his mates how the Doctor examined him.
"Pulled my leg out - right?  Got this pain right? Went up my leg into my back. Gonna fucking stab that Doctor up right? Gonna get him for doing me."

Erm...hurt yourself badly, (probably escaping from some nefarious act) put in one of the top hospitals with the best doctors and you're going to do what?  Haven't even got a quarter of a brain cell have you?

At school I held myself back even though I was in the top class, as I didn't want to stand out and get picked on.  Went to Uni at 16/17 - early obviously - was totally lonely and miserable as everyone was older and could go to the pub afterwards and not have to go home for their tea.

So now, I have had toxic ignorant people telling others, that the life I lived was a lie. That I didn't do all the things I achieved. That I am "mental" and need to be put in a home.

Strangely like Sheldon, of BBT I have been tested, and I am smarter than the average bear
to use another well known quote!

If it wasn't for people like me and my husband and my family and friends, there would be no television or entertainment packages, or special effects, or computer games, or healthcare or books or exciting things to do.

Life would be feral and stoneage - brutal short and boring.

So I'm not going to apologise for all the hard work I put into my books, or the all TV programmes I filmed and edited, I'm not going to apologise for raising tons of money for charities. I'm not going to apologise for being in the top 2% of people in the world for intelligence.

No more Humble Pie - no more trying to prove myself to others. 

Love me or leave me.


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