Thursday, 28 January 2016

Never what you think it is!

After having a few sessions yesterday of being unable to breathe, and feeling like I'd been punched in the chest I got a late Doctors appointment, turns out I have a chest infection.

I thought I was doing my allergy inhaler wrong or something like that. I thought I was just tired after doing a whole week of marching, walking, book promoting and going to the gym. I'd been fighting this all week, but I got really light headed and couldn't catch my breath.

So I have to go collect antibiotics, they don't give you antibiotics unless it's serious.
I didn't think it was. Now I know it is, I feel worse. Funny that.

I have to "try" the antibiotics and hope they don't cause an allergic reaction, because of all the stupid allergies I have. So that in itself is a pleasure to look forward to. If I do have a reaction - it's hospital again.

Ummm die of pneumonia or anaphalaxsis?  What a choice.

Yes I know I'm being over dramatic. I'm a writer for God's sake. 

As they said to me at the allergy clinic about trying new foods, just because it happened before, doesn't mean it'll happen again.

Done ranting now. Been told to rest - forgotten how - keeping busy is all I know.

Perhaps I'll just make up next years filing system.  That's easy.
Write a bit more Hilary Long.

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