Tuesday, 16 August 2016

BBC's Versailles

Athough not historically accurate, Versailles is very pretty to look at. The clothes, the surroundings, the intrigue. The sex.

I love the shoes particularly, I like the men wearing them. I like that when they kiss do not leave beard burn on the ladies. I do like a shaved face, smooth, smelling of aftershave. I like the waistcoats, the shirts the cravats the jackets. Well everything really.  I like the men with flat stomachs and shapely legs. 

Just wondering if my new tablets are having an effect on me? 

Perhaps I'm just getting old, in my teens my boyfriends all had long hair, were slim, wore tight trousers, and either old regency jackets or old red guards jackets at parties. They smelt of Old Spice.  Later when I was slightly older, they were still slim, but looked Adam Ant-ish or Goth, and smelt of Brut. 

My hubby is determined to keep some hair somewhere so it's on his face in a 17thc goatee style. I can go with that - he wears Beckham aftershave - I buy it for him, left to himself it would probably be old mice.

 In his very best Musketeer Kit
He's a bit Poldark in this one

1940s dontcha know there's a war on?
The beauty of the beast - if only all men could look like this! 

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