Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Just finished the latest Hilary Long adventure....

I have been writing like mad to get the latest Hilary Long out on Kindle, the writing has finished now, but the polishing has not! It needs proof reading, so I have to wait for this to be done, and sew up any plot holes I might have made when they are noticed.

This one is a gamut of emotions, sad, funny, sexy, scary, it ties up some loose ends and leaves others waving in the breeze!

I am still in production with two other books and a finished short story which I'm waiting to be illustrated. I always seem to be waiting for something!

I'm frustrated though, still haven't finished my Regency dress or my 17c Riding habit, both  are cut out and waiting to be put together. Had to put it all away as I had visitors last week and boxes of materials and cottons take up a lot of room! 

Then I got side-tracked by plums, and they're still coming! Over 3lbs picked yesterday through a blizzard of loud drunken singing and abusive language by the neighbours having a barbeque which smelt like they'd poured petrol over a tyre and were burning it.

Today - gosh - look at the time! I've been chasing payments from bookshops, and I've got a timesheet to fill out for my real work or I won't get paid.

I had less work to do when I was in full time employment. At least I could escape by going home at the end of the day.

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