Thursday, 18 August 2016

Le Weekend

Hopefully it won't be too wet although torrential rain is predicted for Saturday, my friend and her hubby are coming over, originally for a barbecue - but it might have to be an inside one!

Still a bit dizzy, six weeks now, doctors are not worried - but then they're not the ones walking round in circles. Tablets not helping really.

But the weekend! One day to go!

Weekends go too quick, seems you just get to Friday night and suddenly it's Monday again.
How does that happen?

 A couple of weekends ago we were at Waddesdon, where I work, for Andy to look round the Kate Malone Exhibition.

 These are some of the plums I turned into jams and coulis last weekend
 This is how the garden looked for my last BBQ about 3 weekend ago!

Off again to the shops for some last bits and pieces.  

Last week I realised that my book The Women of the English Civil War was released 9th September last year, and since then every day, I have worked promoting it, as well as writing my Hilary Long Mysteries. It's now in the Commandery in Worcester - my first museum bookshop sale!  Hooray!

I just want to say folks, thanks for reading my blog, for me it's a way of practising my writing,
venting my feelings, right or wrong, and being out in the world again.  

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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