Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Hols...

We spent the whole of the four days working on the house, we decorated the whole place after giving it a good Spring clean. Each night we went to bed exhausted! We didn't watch tv much or use our phones or computers. We scrubbed and washed down, painted, scraped, re-organised and moved things around and the changed colours in the house. Washed the windows, put in plumbing, took delivery of our all singing and dancing eco bubble washing machine.  It really does sing!  some charming little tinkly songs to let us know what it's up to - brilliant. We washed all the curtains, rugs, cushion covers,caravan bedding & stored blankets, I'm surprised it didn't moan at us!  But it sung away nicely in the newly refurbished utility room.

We worked from dawn till dusk, we only had four days and we needed to get it finished. 

I am sitting in my lovely fresh relaxing pale cream and pale blue lounge, the kitchen paintwork is now terracotta to match the marble tiles behind the range cooker, (it was a trendy warehouse grey before), really brightens up the room. Looks homey now.

The bedroom is white,blue and teal, - all seasidey - the pictures are now of Cornwall, so I now have my little bit of Cornwall in my Cotswold home.

It's a bit of a fresh start.   Always good at Easter.

Usually Easters are spent at Basing House with the Sealed Knot, then followed by a week in Lyme Regis.  But we have been putting off working on the house, going out Knotting and visiting grand houses, picnics and walks, visiting friends.  Anything but getting down to work on the house. I don't know why we put it off, it was hard work ( I can't move today I'm so tired), but it makes me smile when I go into any of the rooms and think we did that!

I have just heard the post and my first paperback "cosy crime" novel The Hilary Long Compilation has dropped on the mat. I am in print AGAIN!  Brilliant!  Just have to get up and get it - oh that hurts - I have aches in places where I didn't know I had places!


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